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Flex Club: A Social Skills Training Camp for Ages 5-8 and 11-13


Pre-teen children with learning and attention issues can have trouble with important social skills.  At The Gift of Speech, we help our pre-teen clients learn, develop, and practice important life skills within small social skills groups.  At Flex Club, young clients are supported in developing flexible thinking through a number of social situations.  The social skills groups are small groups, typically made up of  two to eight youths around the same age.  Each group is led by an adult.  Over the course of 6 weeks, our young clients learn how to interact appropriately with peers their own age, learn how to converse at an age-appropriate level and develop friendship and problem-solving skills. Flex Club can also be useful in teaching kids to control their own emotions while developing an understanding of other people’s perspectives.

Flex Club Group Foci:


  • Nonverbal communication

  • Relating personal experiences

  • Multiple perspectives

  • Interpreting idioms and sarcasm

  • Interpersonal negotiation

  • Making inferences

  • Solving problems

  • Multiple interpretations



Course Details:

  • 6 week course

  • 1 hour per week

  • Fee: $200.00 due at the time of enrollment



To enroll your child in Flex Club, fill out the online enrollment form and FAX (209.952.2544) or email the form to our office. 

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