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Pragmatic, Language and Articulation for Young Minds

for Ages 3 - 5

     P.L.A.Y. is a group for preschool speech and language development. P.L.A.Y. facilitates speech/language growth in your child by fostering interaction in a structured play therapy setting. Groups are generally small, with 3 to 10 students.  Students are generally of typical and delayed speech/language acquisition (depending on enrollment).  

Class Details:

  • 6 week course

  • 2x a week, 1 hour per session

  • Fee: $550.00 due at the time of enrollment


P.L.A.Y. participants will be taught a large number of speech/language skills to improve their speaking and social skills.  


  • Group Focus and Pragmatics

    • Joint attention

    •  working with peers appropriately

    • play skills

    •  turn taking

    •  social language

    • pretend play


  • Speech/Language Focus Areas

    •  Following directions

    • Concept and vocabulary development

    • Development of expressing self with typical length of utterance

    • Articulation 

    • Age appropriate speech sound production

To enroll your child in P.L.A.Y., simply complete the online enrollment form and FAX (209.952.2544) or email the form to our office. 


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